"El cuerpo, el cerebro, los genitales y el lenguaje son todos necesarios para la sexualidad humana, pero no determinan ni sus contenidos, ni las formas concretas de experimentarlo, ni sus formas institucionales"

- Gayle Rubin



Given the promotion of family values that goes hand in hand with [programs that promote marriage as a solution to poverty for women], it’s noteworthy that in 2004, one of the Bush administrations first marriage-promotion programs was charged with sex discrimination. The Pennsylvania-based marriage education course for unmarried couples with children offered employment services -but only for the men.

Another government-funded program, the biblically based Marriage Savers, makes the case that marriage is good for income because women can help men do better at their jobs by being, well, housewifely:

"The married man won’t go to work hungover, exhausted, or tardy because of fewer bachelor habits, and because he eats better and sees the doctor sooner, thanks to his wife. She is also a good adviser on career decisions, and relieves him of chores, so he can do a better job".

Never mind that women are 40% more likely than men to be poor, and that 90% of welfare recipients are women. Better that we’re married than given the opportunity to be educated and receive work training. Fear of women being unmarried -especially women with children- trumps logic when it comes to battling poverty.


- Jessica Valenti - The Purity Myth (via misandry-mermaid)


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"How long they choose to love you will never be your decision."

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